Week 4 : The static and kinetic screen – play, experience, design

Summarisation of the lecture

Static: Forces not causing movement / motionless

Kinetic: Relating to change overtime / motion

Developing a language of interactivity through the theory of play- Andy Polaine

This lecture focused on a quote by Andy Polaine, discussing what interaction design is. Below are selected excerpts from said quote accompanied with explanation:

“we design interactions”

“Its a combination of how the elements function”:

  1. ‘What they do’ – the purpose and function
  2. ‘What they look like’ – the visual appearance and feel
  3. ‘What they look like they do’ – clear visual distinction of interactive element, navigation/UI, usability
  4. ‘The experience of using them’ – ease and enjoyment of encounter with the interaction

Here is a link to Andy Polaines website : http://www.polaine.com 

When experiencing kinetic content you transform from a viewer to a user.

user = all senses and capacities, especially sight

= view and use

UI (user interface) includes visual composition.

Eye tracking: monitoring where the user is looking

We as people learn to ignore cliche advertising just like we learn to read from left to right.

Reflection on lecture content

Andy Polaine broke interactive design up into 4 key areas (look at above summarisation). This is a very innovative way of focusing a design solution. The break up of the problem into 4 areas makes it easier to comprehend what really needs to be done to create a successful interactive experience.

At the end of the lecture  eye tracking and eye flow became the focus. The technology of eye tracking is a very interesting tool. It was intriguing to see where a viewers eye is drawn too across an interactive page. I had never really given much thought to eye flow when creating content for the web and screen, and always thought of it more as a static design focus.


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