Week 3 : the interactive design process – user persona, artefact persona and scenario planning

Summarisation of Lecture

Persona: A fictional archetypal user.

Personas guide the design from start to finish and as such need to be kept consistent. Writing down the person is key, you need a focus which doesn’t shift with your personal development of the imaginary figure. The persona such be based on findings from your audience/market research and interviews and be relevant to the product.

strategy > scope > structure > skeleton > surface

Your strategy is based on your persona, and as such all your design is a direct reflection of your target audience.

Scenario: A narrative describing the foreseeable interactions of types of users and the product. They include; goals, expectations, motivations actions and reactions.

Use Scenarios and personas to guide your design decisions to make a product suited to you target audience.

Artefact Persona: personality of the product or the persona of the product. Helps too objectively evaluate visual design.

key questions when creating an artefact person:

  1. If the interface were a person, what would he or she be like?
  2. How would you expect users to react when they first view the product?
  3. How would you describe the product to a friend?
  4. How is it different from competitive products?
  5. Which celebrity/car is the product most like? least like? why?

To create an artefact persona, develop experience keywords. Experience keywords are words describing the initial emotional reaction to the product. Once these keywords have been gathered, group similar and refine the list of words, this will give you a focus on the core of the products personality. These keywords will be the focus for the visual design.

Reflection on Lecture content

In viewing this lecture I have begun to understand the importance of knowing who you are designing for. Previously I have only thought superficially about how I would like the product if it were for me, disregarding the target audience. The use of user/artefact personas and scenarios allows for easy comprehension of how the product should look and work. The creation of personas and scenarios is the base for interactive design. We are designing for users.


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