Week 1 : Web 2.0 and convergence

Summarisation of the lecture

web 2.0

  • Participation, creativity and collaboration of users
  • “Any creative strategy will fail unless it takes account of theses revolutionary and accelerating changes both in technologies and in audience expectation.”- Mark Thompson ( BBC Director-General )
  • Collective intelligence
  • Shift of web as information resource to a way of communication and interactivity
  • Web 2.0 is not a technology, it is a platform
  • Web about user participation
  • Whilst web 1.0 was mostly read only web content, web 2.0 is ‘wildly’ read-write material.

What does this mean for future designers?

  • Think of context our design will be viewed in – content and web being accessed mainly on mobile devices over desktop.
  • No longer is a static website enough
  • Cross platform presentation of ideas
  • User participation
  • Enabling functionality and interactivity

Convergent media

  • the 3 c’s – Communication networks, computing/information technology, content
  • 3 layers – physical (network through which communication travels, devices connect), code (code or software used in communication devices), content (content of communication) – Lawrence Lessig (http://remix.lessig.org)
  • Convergent culture- media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence
  • Designing for mobile devices more so than desktop device

Reflection on lecture content

The concepts of Web 2.0 and convergence are valuable in the understanding of how to design online content. More than just content needs to be considered, a large portion of design now lies on the experience of communication and not just the access of information. A designer has to consider the multiple levels of interactivity and communication of which a user now expects and is capable of achieving.


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